Man with a knife sent to the emergency room and arrested for violence at a mall in Oslo

PolicePolice.Photo: Norway Today Media

The police were notified about knife stabbing at a shopping center in Oslo  Monday afternoon. The knife was never used, but the knife’s owner was hit in the face.


The police were quickly on the spot at Byporten Shopping center and got control of both offended and suspected perpetrators after the dramatic message.


After the health personnel had examined the alleged offender, it turned out that the woman appeared as unharmed.


“Based on witness information, the knife has never been used but fell out of the jacket to the suspect in connection with a bodily impairment.


He was hit in the face during the insult, so he runs the emergency guard for check on the way to the arrest, the Oslo police said.


Byporten Shopping center is located directly at Oslo Central Station and close to Oslo City Shopping Center.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today