A Man with Norwegian residence permit jailed for rest of his life in China

Flag of ChinaFlag of China. Photo Wikipedia

A 48 years old man who came to Bergen, the UN refugee in 1999, is jailed for rest of his life in China.

48 years old man came to Norway with terrorist sentenced Mikael Davud and three others from the Muslim Uighur minority in China.

After ten years in this country he took a trip with his wife and children to Pakistan. Where the whole family was arrested in the city of Quetta in May 2010.

The wife and kids were able to get back to Norway thanks to help from the Norwegian government, but the man was extradited to China, where he has been incarcerated since.

The 48 years old man has always been a Chinese citizen, but had a residence permit in Norway. He was registered emigrated in autumn 2012.

Sunday the Foreign Affairs said to Bergens Tidende that they have raised this matter with the Chinese authorities.

– They have not responded, writes communications advisor Guri Solberg in an email to the newspaper. Foreign Service refers to confidentiality and declined to comment further.

Mikael Davud at autumn of 2012 was sentenced to eight years in prison for having planned a terrorist attack against the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in Denmark.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today