Man sent to intensive care after being attacket at home in Hokksund

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A 53-year-old man from Hokksund is hospitalized in intensive care at Drammen Hospital with serious injuries after being attacked in his own home on Friday night.
The attack occurred in an apartment in a house in the village. The attack was said to have been been made by up to three assailants, all in their 20s, but the figure is uncertain, according to police.
– This is a nasty and serious assault case,  police operations leader Kjell Reidar Johansen says to the local newspaper Drammens Tidende Saturday morning.
He says the attack probably happened at 2 o’clock but that the police first received was notified  3.22. The message came from the victim of the assault.
 Among other things the assailants, stole  the man’s mobile phone, the leader of operations says to the news agency NTB, but it is still not clear if the motive for the attack was to rob the man.
– When we got to the place, we found the man seriously injured. He had been beaten up and cut with a knife. He had blood in his lungs, and was so exhausted that we ha was not able to tell us much about what had happened,  Johansen says.
 On Saturday morning the 53-year-old had  recovered enough to be able to give a preliminary explanation.
– We’re at the hospital to talk to him, says Johansen.
It is uncertain whether the man opened the door to the assailants or if they broke into his apartment. The 53-year-old man from Hokksund is unknown to  thepolice.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today