Man got eight and a half years in prison for abuse of 75 children

Nord-Troms District Court in TromsøNord-Troms District Court in Tromsø.Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / Scanpix

Man is sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for abuse against more than 70 children

A 22 years old man is sentenced to jail for eight and a half years for the abuse of more than 70 children in North Troms district court.


The sentence of imprisonment for eight and a half years is in accordance with the prosecutor’s claim. The 22 years old is also convicted to pay damages to several of the victims, according to Nordlys.

In total, he is sentenced for 83 criminal offenses, reports NRK

 The man was charged with sexual assault against 75 victims. The comprehensive verdict is 15 pages long and consists of 83 counts.

 In addition to physical assaults against seven victims when they were under 16 years of age and violated four boys under 14, the man was charged with a large number of online assaults.

The 22 years old man is accused for most of the cases in Nord-Troms district court.

He denied guilt for two of the accusations – among them sexual intercourse with a boy who was under 14 years at the time – and acknowledged part guilt on one count.

 The 14 years old explained in court that he felt the pressure to have a sexual relationship with the 22 years-old-man.

– Here is the explanation of the accused and insulted central. An overall assessment of all proof, leaves no doubt that the defendant has been in a position as described in the indictment.

 The victims’s explanation is the supporting evidence. In three lengthy interrogations, he has explained the abuses he has been exposed to, says District Court judge Inger Bonnie Gjerde during the verdict.


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