Man sentenced for Nav fraud of 900,000 Nok

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A Vestfold man received over 900,000 Nok from Nav whilst he worked at his own company. He claims he didn’t know he did anything wrong.

North Vestfold District Court has now sentenced him to five months’ imprisonment for gross negligence and social security fraud, NRK reported.
The man in his 60s had its own decorating firm where he worked as CEO and chairman. He performed some decorating work but was mainly responsible for the paperwork and accounts.
From 2008 to 2012, the man was frequently on sick leave, and he was on leave form the company for a period. He demanded both sickness benefits and unemployment benefits from NAV, and received a total of 900,000 Nok.

The man would have earned over 450,000 Nok each year during the period he also received support from Nav.
In court the defendant asked to be acquitted. His lawyer, Helge Hjetland, says the client was convinced that he had done nothing unlawful. He would have received guidance from both Nav and from an accountant. The verdict will be appealed, according to the lawyer.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today