Man shot at Consert venue in Oslo

Concert , Eventhallen EventConcert at Eventhallen. Photo:

Man injured in shooting at a Concert venue in Oslo

A man in his twenties suffers minor injuries after he was shot in the leg by a peer at Bryn in Oslo. The supposed perpetrator is apprehended.


“The shooting took place outside Eventhallen. The police received notification at 1.26 am on Sunday and armed themselves when they moved out,” Operational Manager, Per-Ivar Iversen, tells NTB.

When they got to the site, both the perpetrator and the victim had left the premises. A patrol, therefore, went to the emergency room, where they encountered the victim.

The man appears to suffer from minor injuries only.

Known to the police

The suspected perpetrator, a man in his early twenties, was arrested at a petrol station near the scene.

Iversen confirms to NTB that the suspected man is known to the police from earlier encounters.

Four peers who were at the petrol station along with the man were also brought in for questioning with the status as apprehended. They are not suspects in the case.

The police do not know the relationship between the suspect and the victim.

Happened outside the Concert venue

The shooting took place outside the Event Hall (Eventhallen) at Bryn in Oslo, where the British rapper Geko held a concert, according to VG.

“We have no information that the shooting had any relation to the concert,” the Operational Manager informs NTB.

The rapper apologises to the fans on Instagram. «It was shot during my show. Sorry to anyone who came to see me, and I hope everyone who was hit is OK. Love you all», he writes

Security took away the gun

Before the police came to the crime scene, several security guards joined forces and took the firearm from the suspect.

“They averted a further situation,” Iversen states.

“We do, as a general rule, not encourage individuals to enter into conflict with anyone who possesses firearms,” he adds.

The police have been in contact with a dozen witnesses on the spot and carried out investigations at the crime scene.

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