Man stole from employer to fund online gaming

court jail car killing 21 years in prisonCourt.

A man in his 20s has been  sentenced to 120 days in prison by Sandefjord City Court for several serious thefts from his former employer. The man also has to pay more than 400,000 kroner in compensation.

In 2013, the man began in a new job, where he was responsible for repairing computers, according to NRK news.

After about a year in the job he began bringing things from his place of work to his home, in addition to him selling his own belongings in order to make money.

In the same period, the man began to play at the online casino. In court the man explained that he, in addition to obtaining a credit card, began to steal more expensive stuff from his place of work in order to fund his gambling.

The man pleaded guilty. In addition to being sentenced to prison he has to pay 404,325 kroner in damages to his former employer


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today