Man stopped without licence 13 times

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Ålesund: stopped without a driver’s licence 13 times

Sunnmøre District Court has had enough of a 30-years-old man who is found guilty of driving without a valid licence for the thirteenth time and sentenced him to 30 days in the nick. 


“The accused documents time and time again that he has no respect for the provisions of the Road Traffic Act. When he is now being sentenced for the thirteenth time for driving without a valid license, there is no doubt that he is to be subject to unconditional imprisonment. An aggravating circumstance is that the accused is now receiving his third verdict of the year”

~Sunnmøre District Court.

The man, who lives in Ålesund, was caught in the act by a police attorney as he got into a car and drove off. After a resultless search, he was later called up by the Operating Central and subsequently apprehended in his home. He then denies that he has been driving a car.

The District Court, however, believes the Police Attorney’s version and the man thus sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment. He must also pay court costs of NOK 3,000. He is additionally been imposed a ban of six months before being allowed to attempt to renew his licence. This according to Sunnmørsposten.


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