Man who killed his mother in Halden was psychotic at the time, prosecution believes

PolicePhoto: Trine Bakke Eidissen Halden Arbeiderbald / NTB

The man accused of killing his mother in Halden this summer was psychotic, according to the prosecution.

The indictment states that the man in his 30s was in a psychotic state when he killed his mother with a knife. 

At the same time, a request for his transfer to compulsory mental health care has been filed, according to newspaper Halden Arbeiderblad.

Just three days before the murder, the son was admitted to compulsory observation. 

He has been admitted to various psychiatric wards several times during 2020, with suspicion of psychosis.

Discharged despite risk assessment

Among other things, he was admitted on June 5 and discharged on June 26, despite several actions and an increased risk assessment, the man’s lawyers stated in a press release in August.

It also emerged that the man disagreed with the discharge.

At the end of June, he was admitted again, but this time on compulsory observation at the same hospital. 

He was discharged after one day, and during the next two days, he traveled to Halden.

In August, the defenders questioned whether the man was sane when the murder took place on July 1.

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