A Man was willing to burn the police station with gasoline

Police, assault rape in TrondheimPolice: Photo: pixabay.com

A man in his 40s poured gasoline inside Vadsø police station and said he would set the fire. Police employees were apprehended the man before he could do serious plan.

– It is clearly serious. Maybe it’s just coincidence that it goes as well as it goes.

I commend those who were notified and the policemen who had gained control of the concerned situation before he could burn the place, said operations manager Lars Gaupseth from Finnmark Police District to NRK news.

The man walked into the reception area of the police station around 11 o’clock Tuesday morning. He brought with him a jug of gasoline that he poured on the floors and furniture, while he said that he would burn the station.

Those who were on duty at the counter, reacted quickly and arrested the man immediately. The man was put in jail and on Tuesday will be prepared to visit the doctor for an assessment of his mental health.

The man is known to police in Vadsø from before, and previously convicted of claiming other threats.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today