Manshaus observed by a psychiatrist

Philip Manshaus IlaTerror charged Philip Manshaus is in detention at Ila in Oslo. Photo: NTB Scanpix / Ilafengsel

Manshaus evaluated for more than three hours

Terror indicted Philip Manshaus, 21, was under psychiatric observation at the Oslo Police Station for more than three hours today.

“The observation started at 1 pm. I have not yet received feedback that it has been completed. We will not release any information until the declaration is ready. I expect that to happen over the weekend,” Police Attorney of Oslo Police District, Pål-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, tells NTB at 4 pm.

The preliminary psychiatric examination is being conducted by psychologist specialist Marianne Teigland. Teigland heads the forensic psychiatric policlinic at Oslo University Hospital. Her department is responsible for conducting psychiatric assessments on behalf of Oslo, East and Southeast police districts.

Complete psychiatric observation

The study will determine whether a complete forensic psychiatric examination is needed. The purpose is to clarify, as far as possible, whether Philip Manshaus was criminally liable when he killed his step-sister Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen (17) and attacked the al-Noor Mosque in Bærum.

“There are very few murder cases where this is not done,” the defendant’s lawyer, Unni Fries, told NTB earlier. She believes that a complete observation will be performed, especially since the court will want to have this investigated anyway.

The initial conversation revolved around the mental state of the 21-years-old and his life story. It will provide the basis for an assessment regarding his level of ability and accountability.

“The reason we do this is that a full investigation is a time-consuming process that we will not start without a recommendation. In a case of this seriousness, we have, however, initiated the process of judicial observation. This resembles such an observation. we are curious about what the expert has to say,” the police lawyer explains.

A complete observation is likely to be conducted at Ila Prison and Detention Centre in Oslo, where Manshaus is held in custody.



Three weapons

Police confirm that they seized three weapons, two rifles and a shotgun, following the attack on the mosque.

“We know that both a shotgun and rifle(s) were used. These weapons match the weapons legally stored in the home of the accused. We are now in the process of checking if these match up,” Kraby tells VG.

Kraby adds that the 21-years-old did not have [legal] access to the weapons.

“How he may have gained access to them is a question we try to find out through the investigation,” the police attorney concludes.

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