Many are concerned about being infected by the coronavirus

Man sneezesMan sneezes.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Many are concerned about being infected by the coronavirus, but confidence in the health authorities’ handling of the situation is increasing, according to a survey by the Directorate of Health.

67 per cent say that they have great or very great confidence in the health authorities’ handling of the coronavirus in the survey that Response Analysis conducted for the Directorate of Health. This is up from 50 per cent in the previous week.

The survey was conducted on March 13.

30 per cent say that they are very or very much concerned about being infected, which is a slight increase from 27 per cent the week before.

85 per cent believe health authorities’ information about the coronavirus has been useful to a great or very great extent. This is down from 90 and 91 per cent in the previous two weeks.

100 per cent of those polled say they know how to avoid spreading infection.

The survey is conducted weekly and was started on February 7.

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3 Comments on "Many are concerned about being infected by the coronavirus"

  1. Again, to help prevent its spread everyone should be wearing a facemask to catch those droplets in the photo from sneezing or coughing or just breathing. See the reasons for this in my comment under the NT article about King Harald’s address.

    Norway is very high in the corona incidence listings like on, but that may be due to better monitoring and testing and actually reflect well on our national health service here.

    According to Harald Fjelddalen’s Nettavisen poll/report Norwegians’ confidence in the health ministry’s efforts to control the epidemic has slightly increased.

    But, again, if people aren’t being tested unless they think they have it, the incidence has to be far greater than reported, since the virus takes up to 14 days to incubate and show itself to the infected person, and – as Dr. Fauci testified to Congress – the virus is contagious throughout that period.

    4 deaths so far is very small, but this may just be the early beginning and if the virus – unchecked by facemasks – is allowed to take off in Norway, that can quickly sky-rocket.

    I’m basically self-isolating, hand-/etc.-washing, etc. as current policy urges … and facemasking … but again facemasking is mostly to not spread it around and for others’ safety … and as far as I can tell I’m not infected anyway.

    Take care, everyone.

  2. And I see the death toll in Norway has just jumped to 6.

    Washington Post just put up an excellent article titled “Coronavirus looks different in kids than in adults:
    Largest study to date suggests infants may be vulnerable to critical illness after all — and that children may play a ‘major role’ in spread of pathogen”

    And the kids in the photo of them in the Phoenix Arizona airport are wearing facemasks, protecting *others*.

    Meanwhile, our little germ bombs – I’ve got 2 – in Norway are out spreading contagion. I see – after her unmasked talk to an audience of them – that there is an article about who her replacement will be, if she falls ill. Maybe that person – from the Left Party – will finally see the obvious common sense of facemasks.

  3. “her” being Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

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