Many charges for lack of belt use in bus

Seat belt safetySeat belt. Photo:

Of over 9,000 controlled bus passengers last week received more than 230 charges of NOK 1,500 each.

Vegvesenet undertook last week a nationwide control of seat belt use in buses.

A total of 9,230 passengers checked, and 237 of these were imposed fee for missing belt use. Also 535 bus drivers were checked, and only one of those was imposed fee for missing belt use, the figures of Vegvesen.

Norway is a world leader in the use of the belt in a car, thanks to targeted work with information campaigns and controls for many years.

But even if the results of last week’s control were encouraging, and statistics show that more people are using belt also in the bus, it will take time before everyone uses bus belt.

– The reason why most people do not use seat belts in buses is that they do not have the habit inside. We hope that the fees may have a deterrent effect.

Most are after all aware that it is mandatory to wear belts in the bus as well, says Department director Ingrid Heggebø Lutnæs from Statens vegvesen.

She emphasizes that using belt in the bus is not only important for safety, but also for fellow passengers.

– Sitting without a belt, you risk not only being hurt yourself, but you can also take other passengers with a violent force, mentioned Lutnæs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today