Many complaints about Norwegian airline, but few solutions

Norwegian airlineNorwegian airline.Photo Norway Today Media.

Norwegian is still on the top of the complaint list among airlines and is heading for a new record, but few of the complaints are allowed.


So far this year, the Swedish Transport Complaints Board has handled 205 cases against Norwegian writes Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.The low-cost airline is responsible for more than 40% of complaints to the board. Last year, there were a total of 305 cases, just over six times as many as the 50 complaints that were processed the previous year.

After the gloomy statistics in 2017, the company admitted that it had an improvement potential. However, the complaints that have been entered so far this year indicate that the total will surpass last year.

Last year 69 of those who complained to Norwegian were allowed by the board, just 14 the year before.So far this year, 31 have been granted,while the Transport Appeals Board has rejected 149 complaints.

“This is another indication that there is an impression that customers can complain about things that do not trigger compensation under the EU rules,” said Communications Manager, Lasse Sandaker Nielsen,of Norwegian.He emphasised that the company complies with EU rules on passenger rights, and he finds it unnatural that Norway’s largest airline has the most complaints.


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