Many drivers read, or write text messages while they are at the wheel

Mobil phone. Photo: Norway Today Media

A recent report from the Transport Economics Department (TØI) shows that since 2011, the percentage of people who read or write text messages while driving cars increased from 32 to 44%,.


The Norwegian Road Administration (Statens vegvesen) asked 2331 drivers about their traffic behaviour in connection to the report ‘Road Safety Status – 2016’.

The percentage of people who use mobile handsets increased from 52% in 2011, to 72% last year, something that TØI considers a positive development.

But even though fewer people hold the phone while they are driving, the habits for reading or writing text messages have moved in the opposite direction

‘That’s what is dangerous. All activities that take the eyes off the road for long periods of time increase accident risk greatly. The risk is at least 20 times higher’, said researcher at the Transportøkonomisk Fridulv Sagberg Institute to NRK news.
Last year, five people died in accidents where mobile use was probably one of the causes. Four of them were under the age of 30. Since 2005, 46 people have died in such accidents.

Gjensidige Insurance Company have also recently researched mobile user habits among car drivers, and found that 50% of drivers under the age of 30 have received a selfie from someone who was driving a car.


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