Many immigrants to Norway decide to leave the country after a while, new analysis shows

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An analysis from Statistics Norway (SSB) revealed that, among Norwegian citizens who emigrated from the country, a total of 23,500 people were originally foreign nationals.

The number of Norwegian citizens who emigrate from the country remained at just over 100,000 has for many years.

Now the number is 123,000, according to a recent SSB analysis.

Out of these 123,000, a total of 23,500 were originally non-Norwegian, which corresponds to a share of 19%.

The largest group of emigrants with an immigrant background originally came from Somalia.

Moving to other countries

A total of 15% of the more than 26,000 Somalis who have received a Norwegian passport have emigrated by January 1, 2019, according to newspaper Aftenposten.

In comparison, Norway has granted around 150,000 citizenship to foreigners in the last ten years.

Out of the 4,062 Norwegian Somalis who chose to pack their bags and leave the country, almost half moved to Great Britain.

Kenya was in second place, while 550 traveled to Somalia.

Out of the 1,838 Norwegian citizens from Iraq who decided to emigrate from Norway, one in three went to Iraq.

The rest chose countries such as Sweden, Great Britain, and Denmark.

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4 Comments on "Many immigrants to Norway decide to leave the country after a while, new analysis shows"

  1. When will Norwegians stake in as COO of American Intel chip company instead of becoming interior decorators of the United States White House🧠!

  2. And this is what happens when a country does”nt give benefits to immigrants just because they have got to a country. Make immigrants contribute to the tax system before they can get benefits and see how fast some of them leave to go to countries where they don’t have to work and contribute to receive benefits, no loss to Norway really at least they get to keep the ones that are willing to work and contribute instead of take take take like the ones in the UK and the rest of the EU do

  3. Robert Koottumamootil | 23. September 2020 at 08:01 | Reply

    Why doesnt the article say that out of 123k Norwegians who emigrated 100k are ethnic Norwegians? I think you are twisting the stats towards immigrants.

  4. Iam an immigrant in Norway myself. Unfortunately because I moved here just 1week before the convid started I couldn’t not get work or benefits. On top of all that as the schools were closed could not learn the language either. I am a care worker for the last 5years I strongly believe that i would a be good asset to Norway. Unfortunately iam leaving because iam not allowed to receive any help.

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