Many in torchlight parade on Bryne

Torchlight bryne murderMayor of Time municipality Reinert Kverneland just before the torchlight parade starts Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix


Many in torchlight parade on Bryne after Morroco murders

Around 500 people participated in torchlight and an emotional marking at the home of Maren Ueland, who was killed in Morocco on Friday.


– It’s important to stand together and be important for people to show solidarity. It’s important to stand together and show emotions, it’s shock and grief you can not understand. District leader in Rogaland Red Cross, Thor Inge Sveinsvoll, tells TV 2.

The village that Maren Ueland hailed from is strongly affected by the killing. The marking included, among others, both family and friends of the deceased 28-years-old. The torch march started from Kaizers square and went to Bryne Square. In the town square, there were several appeals and various musical intermissions.

After the torch march, the Red Cross opened the doors of the Red Cross House, where anyone who wanted it was given the opportunity to talk to personnel from the municipality and persons with expertise in psychosocial first aid.

The marking was organised by Time Municipality, the local business community and various organisations.

– We want to show that we care about each other and that we stand together for a warmer world, Odd Ivar Nesse informs.

Arrangørene understreket at markeringen ikke dreide seg om en minnestund, men et ønske om å vise støtte og medfølelse med familie og venner til Maren Ueland.

The murder video from Morocco seams real

The video associated with the double killing in Morocco is likely to be real. Danish police believe that both videos that have been circulating are authentic.

The Norwegian Police Crime Unit (Kripos) announced Friday that there still remains a lot of work to review the video, which allegedly shows actions related to the manslaughters.

– We still believe we have the basis to say that so far there is no concrete evidence that the video is not real, Kripos explains.

Denmark confirms

As for the second video – which shows four men who swear allegiance to ISIL in front of a flag – is confirmed by the authorities in Morocco to be the very same quartet who are arrested in the case, Kripos informs.

The video was allegedly recorded last week before the killings. Neither Norway nor Denmark seems to be mentioned in the recording, nor anything specific about the actions the men were ment to perform.

On Friday afternoon, the Danish National Police and Police Intelligence Service stated that they are working on the assumption that both of the videos are real, reports Danish media.

Questioning remain

Kripos has received a number of tips from people with information about the deaths. Many have reported that they have watched the video, but there are also persons with information about the actual journey that has reported themselves.

The police follow up the information, including by interrogations. They still want information, especially about the journey and the stay of the two women in Morocco.

– We have not received any request for assistance from Morocco. We are still working here at home, and there is still questioning and further work on information that comes in to us, says Communications Advisor Axel Due.


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