Many people use the seat belt on the bus, though many don’t

bus sBus.Photo Norway Today Media

Many bus passengers use belts after the Norwegian Public Roads Administration started a campaign for their use in busses in 2015.


“The trend is positive, and more people use the belt. It saves lives and we want it to be as natural to use a belt on the bus as in the car,” said Ida Bergene Kongsrud, Head of Department at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

6,747 bus passengers were checked in at the Vegvesen nationwide belt control this week. 156 of them received a fine of NOK 1,500 for lack of belt use.

‘’Charges are a means of showing the seriousness of not using a belt’’, said Kongsrud.

So you’ll not only be saving your life, but pennies in the bank 347 bus drivers were also checked in, and one driver received a fine for not having used a belt.

“It’s important to us that drivers are good models by reminding passengers to use belts, and not least that they use belts themselves,” Kongsrud said.

Nine people died in bus accidents between 2014 and 2016. According to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, more people would survive with better belt use.

In autumn 2017, Vegvesenet (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration)announced extensive control rounds throughout the country. Then, 9,552 passengers were checked, and 206 of them were not belted up. In the check in the spring of 2017, 237 passengers were charged a fine for missing belts in a single week.


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