Many warnings of illegal drone use

Next accidents with drones doubled last yearDrones.Photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson).Wikimedia

The Civil Aviation Authority, the police, and Avinor, are working hard against drone flights near airports. Penalties and imprisonment will be the consequence, said the police.


In the past month, three airports in Norway have had to shut down due to drones flying near approaches and runways, NRK reported.

‘We need to hit hard and warn of a phenomenon that’s increasing,’ said police officer, Kristian Krohn, at Gardermoen airport police station.

‘There is a radius around all airports of five kilometres where flying drones is not allowed. Breaking this can lead to fines and imprisonment’, Krohn said.

Avinor Director, Henning Bråtebæk, announced that Avinor will report any case where a drone poses a risk to air traffic. The same applies to the Civil Aviation Authority.

‘As a drone manager, you are fully responsible for damage to persons and property. The Civil Aviation Authority is considering reporting all breaches of this legislation,’ said Bente Heggedal, Head of Section for Unmanned Aviation in the Civil Aviation Authority.

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