Many will become Norwegian citizens after a change in rules

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After the opening of dual citizenship in the country after New Year, 26,000 people have applied within a few months.

This has increased the queue from 14,000 to 40,000 applicants. In comparison the Directorate of Immigration(UDI) processed roughly 14,000 applications for Norwegian citizenship last year.

The 26,000 people who have sent in their application for citizenship in 2020, must unfortunately expect a long waiting period before they will get an answer, UDI informs.

This is due to the combination of the Corona situation, delays in automation of the handling of cases, the increase in the number of applications, and long waiting periods with the police.

UDI is expecting to begin with the automation of the handling of cases from Nordic citizens in August, followed by other countries in October. 

A total of 13,000 was approved in 2019.

Because of the changes that came into effect on New Year, Norwegians can now be citizens of another country without forfeiting their Norwegian citizenship. Similarly, Foreign citizens will not have to forfeit their original citizenship to become Norwegian citizens. 

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