Many young people are afraid when sitting as passengers with regular drivers

carCar in traffic. Photo Norway Today Media.

A new survey showed that many young people feel insecure when sitting with regular drivers, but to say nothing about it.


“Especially in the evenings on weekends, we know that many young drivers are driving aggressively and unconsciously quickly.They often pick up their peers from a party or event to drive them home,” said Espen Opedal, chairman of Tryg Forsikring in a press release.

The survey, conducted by YouGov on behalf of the insurance company,revealed that approximately 70% of respondents feel unsafe in such situations.At the same time, almost 60% answered that they do not say when they feel insecure as a passenger.

‘’Here we see that group pressure plays a major role in many young people’s behaviour.Even though they felt insecure, over 30% responded that they had been persuaded by group pressure to get into the car of a regular driver,’’Opedal said.

Two out of three youngsters reported that they had a driver who drove so fast that they felt unsafe, while 20% reported that they had been sitting in the car of a regular driver affected by drugs.

The survey was conducted in January this year. There were 503 interviews with Norwegians aged between 18 and 30 years old.


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