Märtha Louise participated in NM in horseback riding

Märtha Louise.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Märtha Louise and eight others at the NM competition of who could move a vehicle in reverse with a horse trailer the fastest. She ended up in last place.

The event was held at the Øvrevoll golf course on Sunday in connection with the Norwegian Derby.

Although she spent the longest time with the participants, there was no doubt that Märtha Louise is an expert in driving in reverse.

She was there under the auspices of Hest360, a horse site where she is a partner, and was therefore present without a princess title.

In May she received a lot of criticism in connection with the lecture tour “The Princess and the Shaman”, which she traveled with boyfriend Durek Verrett. About three months later, the royal family decided not to use the royal title in a commercial context.

Märtha Louise admitted that it was wrong to make money using the title.

It was a mistake, and I realize it provokes when the princess title is used this way, she wrote on Instagram.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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