Måsøy municipality introduces a 24-hour control post along the county road

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The municipality of Måsøy in Finnmark introduces strict measures to protect the municipality from the coronavirus infection. Among the measures is a 24-hour checkpoint along the county road.

The municipality’s crisis management has had hectic meeting activity throughout the week to identify the measures.

-“The government, the Public Health Institute and the County Governor have advised the municipality, even if they are not always clear or that decisions are changing at a rapid pace. When the municipality now also institutes its own measures, we do so with the intention of shielding vulnerable people and to try to make the community function as well as possible,” says Mayor Bernth R. Sjursen (Ap).

Among the measures is that no cars will go unchecked into the municipality along county road 889. A 24-hour post shall carry out checks.

In addition, the municipality does not advise residents to leave the municipality, as it may result in quarantine when returning.

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