Mass shooting in Oslo: Two people killed, ten seriously injured, eleven slightly injured

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

A 42-year-old man has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and terrorist acts after the shooting at several nightclubs in central Oslo on Saturday.

Two people were killed, ten seriously injured, and eleven slightly injured after the shooting. None of the injured have life-threatening injuries, the police stated at a press conference on Saturday morning.

Police are investigating the shooting at the nightclubs Per on the corner and the gay pub London Pub on C.J. Hambro’s square at the Oslo courthouse as a terrorist incident. They think there is only one perpetrator.

The man, who has been arrested, is a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen with an Iranian background and is known to the police and the Police Security Service (PST) from before. 

He has several previous convictions, among them for carrying a knife in a public place. 

Not questioned yet

The police have taken control of multiple weapons, including an automatic weapon. The man was not questioned by police on Saturday morning.

“We continue to work on uncovering his motives,” prosecutor Christian Hatlo said at the press conference. 

The police are in dialogue with the man’s lawyer, Cecilie Nakstad. 

Hatlo said that the locations of the shooting – especially the London Pub – make it obvious to investigate the shooting as a potential hate crime.

Police are also investigating whether mental illness may be a factor.

Shooting at nightclubs

The shooting started at 1:15 AM, when the man came to the nightclub Per on the corner outside the Oslo courthouse. Witnesses say he took a weapon from a bag and started firing.

Then the man walked down Rosenkrantz street to the gay pub London Pub. Several witnesses told NTB that Pride-celebrating pub guests threw themselves on the floor in panic when they heard the sound of gunshots.

There are several crime scenes, according to police, and a large area is cordoned off. A thorough technical investigation was underway in the morning hours on Saturday.

Shortly after the shooting, people ran out into the street in panic and asked others to get away from the area. A number of shots were fired. The man was arrested by the police at 1:19 AM.

The police have stated that they received help from people on the spot.

Pride parade canceled

In connection with the shooting, Saturday’s Pride parade, as well as other events in connection with Oslo Pride, have been canceled.

Oslo Pride announced the information on Saturday morning, stating that they are canceling the events according to advice and clear recommendations from the police.

“Now, we will follow the police’s recommendations and take care of each other. Our thoughts and love go to relatives (of the victims), the injured, and others affected. We will soon be proud and visible again,” leader in Oslo Pride Inger Kristin Haugsevje and leader of FRI (the Association for Gender and Sexuality Diversity) Inge Alexander Gjestvang stated in a press release.

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  1. Norwegian citizen with an Iranian background, I have never been in trouble with the Police but after 18 months are still waiting for my Norsk Passport

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