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May ask EU citizens and their families to stay

Theresa MayConservative Party Leader and Prime Minister Theresa May.(AP Photo/Rui Vieira)

May ask EU citizens and their families to stay in the UK

In an open letter to EU citizens in Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May writes that she wants everyone who has established themselves in the country to stay.


– EU citizens who have made a living in the UK are important contributors. We want them and their families to stay. I can not be clearer, writes May.

The letter comes after critics claim that the politicians in the UK use EU citizens as chess pieces in the brexit talks.

This could not be further away from the truth, writes May.

Furthermore, she states that a digital solution will be established, which will be approved by European citizens, where EU citizens can register that they are resident in the United Kingdom.

Several EU leaders, including EU President Donald Tusk, have requested such information.

Thursday and Friday, Heads of State and Government in the EU meet for a summit in Brussels to discuss the brexit talks.

It is expected that the conclusion will be that negotiations have not come far enough to start negotiations on the frameworks for a future trade agreement. So far, they have only negotiated the terms of the divorce itself.


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