Mayor speaks out about possible murder in Skien

Police Car Skien Bingo robberyPolice Car. Photo: Norway Today Media

Mayor about possible murder in Skien: Performs measures in the area

A number of measures will be taken in the area where a man in his thirties probably was murdered and another was exposed to serious violence this weekend, says the Mayor of Skien.


The chairman of Skien, Hedda Foss Five, invited Sunday afternoon to a press conference about the suspected murder of a man in his thirties. The man was found dead in an apartment in a municipal building block.

– This is a death that affects many people, first and foremost, the closest relatives of the person who has passed away, said Five during the press conference, which NRK TV sent directly.

The mayor describes the area where the man was found dead Saturday night as a much discussed area and a drug infected environment. She says that the municipality will have an increased presence in the area, and will establish emergency housing.

– You must initiate additional measures to break up some of the environment that have accumulated over time, says the mayor.

It has also previously been several cases of noise and unrest in the tenement. Varden writes that this is cases of vandalism, violence episodes and outrageous behavior by some residents. The municipality’s caretaker is for example not allowed to inspect the apartment building unless accompanied by others.

In addition to the death, the police addressed another serious violence event in the same residential complex on Friday night. A man in his fifties was found with serious head injuries in an apartment. So far no one has been arrested.

No one charged

Nor in the possible killing is anyone arrested or charged. Sunday, the South East Police District writes in a press release that they work with tactical on-the-spot investigations, testimony and other investigations, and that they receive assistance from Kripos. The deceased will be autopsied on Monday.

– The police consider it likely that the deceased is killed. For the sake of the investigation, we can not say anything more about the background for this.

South East police state that they are in the early stages of the investigation and it is therefore still necessary to be cautious with information.

Probably murdered

There were two people who came to the apartment in Skien, who reported to the police about the death at 9 pm on Saturday night. The police will not yet inform if there is any relationship between the two and deceased, identified as a man in his thirties from Skien.

According to police attorney Tine Henriksen, the police have already made a number of interrogations, but have no suspects at the moment.
It is currently unclear how long the deceased has been in the apartment. The police are waiting for the autopsy report and will not want to say anything more about the background for why they consider it likely that the man was murdered.

– It is based on information the police have and circumstances, more than that I can not say at present, says Henriksen.


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