Mayors demonstrated in support of referendum in Catalonia

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Mayors demonstrated in support of referendum in Catalonia

Several hundred Catalan mayors Saturday demonstrated in Barcelona in support of the planned referendum on independence for Catalonia.


– We are here to express our solidarity with all the mayors who only express what people want, which is to vote, says Barcelona’s Mayor Ada Colau in her appeal.

-We are here to emphasize everything we have in common, as the majority’s commitment to the right to decide through a referendum, she continues.

The regional authorities in Catalonia have decided to hold a referendum regarding independence on October 1.

But the Spanish central authorities in Madrid have given crystal clear notice that the Catalans can perish the thought.

– I say it with as much calm as determination. There will not be any referendum, says Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday.

Despite the resistance of the authorities in Madrid, thousands of Catalans have repeatedly demonstrated in recent times support for independence for the region and in support of a referendum on the question.

The Spanish Constitutional Court has declared the planned referendum as illegal, and all mayors in Catalonia that facilitates that it can be held referendum, for example, to make polling stations available, risk to be prosecuted.


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