MDG will overthrow the Government

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MDG guarantees that they will overthrow the Government

Rasmus Hansson insists that the Greens (MDG) can cooperate with both the right and left. At the same time, he guarantees that the party will overthrow the Government if they get the chance.


Rasmus Hansson, national spokesman for the Green Party, says to Klassekampen that he guarantees that they will overthrow the Government if the party gets the opportunity to do so after the election. The reason is that the Progress Party (Frp) is one of the Governing parties.

Hansson, who is the party’s sole MP and first candidate in Akershus, believes it is possible to cooperate to the right without involving Frp.

– We will relate to the election results and will go to the election on our own policy. And part of our policy is that we do not want to support a Frp Government, Hansson emphasizes to the newspaper Klassekampen.

MDG has also made the ultimatum that the shutdown of the Norwegian oil industry must be initiated.

Not part of any Government

– We are the most cooperative party in Norwegian politics because we are ready to have political talks both with the right, except for Frp, and the left, says Hansson.

In 2013, the MDG got 2.8 per cent of the votes and one representative in Parliament. Most of the polls before this year’s election show that the party presently receives between 3 and 4 per cent, but the party has been above the 4% barrier limit on some polls this summer. If they get above 4 per cent at the parliamentary elections, they can get six to seven MP’s and, in theory; end up deciding who will get to form a Government.

Two weeks ago, Labour leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, told VG that there is not going to be any Government involving the parties Red or MDG.


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