MDG wants to use pension fund on climate measures

MDG votes. Photo: MDG

MDG voted for spending pension fund capital on climate measures

The Environment Party (MDG) does not intend to increase the aid budget, but will spend around NOK 30 billion from the pension fund on climate measures.


Miljøpartiet de Grønne adopted this at its national convention in Lillehammer on Sunday. The MDG did not endorse a proposal to increase aid to developing countries to 1.2 per cent of the Gross National Product (GNP).

Give to the United Nations, remain in NATO

But the Greens will spend about NOK 30 billion in climate aid. MDG want to earmark 1 percent of the Gross National Product for this purpose. The cash should be obtained from the Norwegian Pension Fund, aka the Oil Fund. Most of these monies should be donated to the UN climate fund.

At the same time, the MDG want Norway to remain as NATO member, but actively work for the Alliance to focus on its core mission. The Greens do not want deployment of a NATO missile shield on Norwegian soil.


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