Measures to entice Norwegians to move to Svalbard

Norwegians to move to SvalbardPolar bear, Photo:

Measures meant to persuade Norwegians to move to Svalbard

The number of Norwegians on Svalbard goes down. Government allocates NOK 50 million to public restructuring of Longyearbyen to entice more Norwegians to move to Svalbard.



In the Government’s Svalbard Report, which came last year, the overall goal is to maintain Norwegian society on the archipelago. It will help ensure the sovereignty, writes Klassekampen.

– The demand for a Norwegian population is central. We obviously facilitate the types of new business that are appropriate here, but the parliamentary report provides clear guidance on a stronger Norwegian presence, says Kristin L. Mobakken. She is Business Manager at the Longyearbyen local Government.

Of Longyearbyen’s 2,200 inhabitants, more than 700 come from other countries than Norway. During the last ten years, there are 300 fewer Norwegians in the capital.

Reduction last two years

According to Statistics Norway (SSB), the strongest reduction has occurred in the last two years. At the same time, other population groups have increased in number.

In total, NOK 50 million has been allocated to the public transport of Longyearbyen. 22 million are earmarked infrastructure, 20 million are funds granted by Innovation Norway for financing projects, and 4.5 million go to conversion and business development.

– We will develop versatile year round, stable, profitable jobs, and further develop existing ones, says Mobakken.



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