Meat consumption still increasing

Meat sawCut Meat, Photo: Pixabay

Despite the urging to limit the eating of meat for both climate, and health reasons, the consumption of meat among Norwegian consumers has increased for the sixth consecutive year.


This was shown in figures from the report ‘Meat Conditions 2017’, wrote Nationen newspaper.

The annual report from the ‘Animalia’ Association showed that the average Norwegian ate 54 kilograms of meat last year. This is an increase of 0.3 kgs (or 0.5%) over 2015. Since 2010, meat consumption has increased by almost 4 kilograms of meat per capita.

The consumption of chicken increased by 6.3%, while lamb consumption decreased by 4.3%. Since 2008, the consumption of lamb has decreased by 15%, or 0.6 kgs per
person, which has led to a surplus in the production of lamb sausage meat.

Climate and environmental organisations are not happy with the development

‘We would have wished to see a reduction in the consumption of meat in line with climate goals, and health advice.

The numbers show that we have a long way to go to eat more fruits, vegetables and fish’, said leader of ‘Framtiden i våre hender’ (The future in our hands), Anja Bakken Riise, to the Nationen. She believes that meat prices should be higher, and that there should be less advertising for meat products.

Nor is the Swedish Conservation Association satisfied with the development. General
Secretary, Maren Esmark, believes that eating less meat is the best climate measure we can take. She agrees that the prices of meat must go up.

The tone was quite different among farmers. The leader of the Norwegian Confederation, Lars Petter Bartnes, was very pleased with the figures.

‘Norwegian meat production is one of the most important contributions to the Norwegian food market, and it is good that there is growth in meat consumption,’ said Bartnes.


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