MDG wants to enforce a meat-free day

meat-free dayvegetarian cooking. Photo:

MDG wants to enforce meat-free day in public canteens

The Environmental Party (MDG) wants all public canteens to serve only vegetarian food at least one day every week. the meat-free day is decided at the party’s National Convention held on Saturday.


– The Central Committee supported the dissent that the program that the MDG should be content to work for “a good vegetarian offer in public canteens.

Several, however, believed that this is something all parties could consent to and therefore thought they had to be more radical.

-a meat-free day at Oslo’s City Hall is even something the Conservatives support, one of the debaters pointed out.I

In addition to a meatless day, the meeting approved the addition that public cafeterias should always have a tempting vegetarian choice.

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