Medical Association: Breach in negotiations

Medical Association doctor blood presureChecking blood pressure. Photo: Pixabay

Breach in negotiations between State and Medical Association

There is a break down in the negotiations between the Norwegian Medical Association (Legeforeningen) and the Norwegian State regarding the settlement for doctors who participate in the GP scheme. Minister of Health, Bent Høie (Conservatives) says the situation is demanding.


– It is regrettable that the Medical Association chooses to break the negotiations, says the Minister of Health and Care, Bent Høie (Conservatives). He says the doctors have received “a very good offer”, which is better than many other industries have been content with.

The state has offered a salary increase of 2.8 per cent. That is equal to the settlements in the rest of the working community this year. In addition, the doctors have been offered an additional NOK 100 million to compensate for increased work load and to help recruit more to the GP scheme. This comes on top of existing recruitment incentives.

– I take it very seriously that many of the Doctors in the scheme have an immense work pressure. To reduce the pressure we employ several measures. We look at how to recruit more doctors to the GP scheme and to reduce the number of tasks, among other measures, says Høie.

About the Norwegian GP scheme

The GP scheme (Fastlegeordingen) was introduced in Norway on June 1st, 2001. It is the municipality’s responsibility to provide necessary health care for its inhabitants. The municipalities and doctors entered into agreements that secured patients a doctor to relate to. To be able to have a regular GP, it is a condition that you live in the realm.

The inhabitants were given the opportunity to choose their doctor when the scheme was introduced. The doctor usually has no opportunity to deny anyone to be on his list of patients.

It is HELFO which administratively manages the scheme, but the responsible party for entering into agreements with doctors is the individual municipality.

Residents may change doctor twice a year. You get an additional opportunity if you move or are forced to change because the doctor retires or reduces his / her list. The swap is made through the internet pages of HELFO or by calling them on the phone. There is a possibility to have a doctor in a municipality other than the one in which you are resident.


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