Man indicted for murder is apprehended in police action in Mehamn

Mehamn Gamvik FinnmarkMehamn in Gamvik Municipality, Finnmark. Photo: Pascal Gertchen/

Man indicted for murder apprehended in police action in Mehamn

A 35-years-old foreigner has been arrested and charged with killing a 40-years-old man in Mehamn in Finnmark. A 32-years-old man is also arrested in the case. Update: The involved men are Icelanders.

The two were arrested in a house in the village of Gamvik just before 11 am during a police action. The arrests happened without drama, according to the police.

One of those arrested is charged with having shot and killed a man in Mehamn earlier on Saturday morning. The alleged murderer is a 35-years-old foreign man residing in Mehamn. There is a relationship between the deceased and the accused, but the police do not want to go into detail on what type of relationship it is at present.

The other arrested foreigner is a 32-years-old man who was present in the dwelling.

“We are unsure of what role he has in this. We have apprehended him as implicated, and we will define his status in time. They are both presently brought in. They will be questioned at a later point in time,” the sheriff of the Porsanger Sheriff District, Tarjei Leinan Mathiesen, tells NTB.


Large police action in Mehamn

The police received notification that a man was shot just before 5.30 am on Saturday.

The 40-years-old man was found critically wounded in a residential building in Mehamn in Gamvik municipality. An attempt was made to revive him on the spot, but he perished shortly after being found.

A major search was initiated by the police in an attempt to locate the perpetrator(s).

Wound up in the ditch

About half an hour after the police received the notification of a man down, they received another notification regarding a car that had wound up in the ditch a few clicks away from the crime scene.

Two persons were observed walking away from the car. The police assumed a connection between the traffic accident and the murder in Mehamn. After a large search operation, the two were duly arrested a few hours later.

One of the indicted asked for forgiveness on Facebook

iFinnmark has translated the post that the man wrote on his Facebook page. In the post that he published on Saturday morning, the man asks for forgiveness and writes that he did not mean to fire shots.

“We are aware of the Facebook post and have secured it, but cannot comment on the content,” Sheriff Tarjei Leinan Mathiesen tells NTB.

“Everything surrounding Facebook and the involved is important to the investigation,” he continues.

Both the deceased and the accused are foreign nationals. The police have so far not informed which country they come from. 

Update: The men are Icelanders, according to the public broadcaster, NRK.

The police will continue their tactical investigation and will question neighbours and other witnesses who may have information relevant to the case.

The deceased will be autopsied in Tromsø.

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