Melting of glaciers continues

GlacierGlacier. Photo:

Glaciers in Norway are now probably less than in many centuries, believes NVE. Melting continues, and this year 30 glaciers have reduced.

The largest decline this year has occurred in Gråfjellsbreen by Folgefonna.
This glacier has withdrawn 117 meters in total. During the past decade, this glacier retreated 425 meters.
Langfjordjøkelen in West Finnmark has retreated 96 meters this year, while Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedal has shrunk by 70 meters.
NVE has conducted measurements at 36 glaciers. 30 have decreased this year, four remained unchanged, while two glaciers have increased.
– All the measured glaciers are now smaller than they have been since the front position measurements began around 1900, and probably less than they have been for centuries, says Rune Engeset, head of glacier ice and snow in the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).
NVE informs that the decline has been particularly noticeable around Jostedalsbreen.
– In six of the famous glaciers the front position measurements have been cancelled because they were either too dangerous or too difficult to measure their forward position, or because the glacier front has stood so there is no change from year to year.
An example is Briksdal, where the glacier now lies on the edge of a precipice, says Engeset.
Two glaciers in southern Norway have shown progress. They are Vetles Supphellebreen in Fjaerland and Bøverbreen in Lom.
In Northern Norway, ten of the eleven glaciers that were measured have receded.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today