Merete Hodne fined in the High Court

Merete Hodne LøgnaslagetMerete Hodne.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

The hairdresser Merete Hodne is in the Court of Appeal ordered to pay a fine of 7,000 kroner for having refused a hijab-clad woman access to the hairdresser’s services at Bryne.

Hodne was in Gulating High Court Friday where she was ordered to pay a fine of 7,000 kroner for refusing a hijab-clad Malika Bayan (24) access to their salon at Bryne.

The District Court in September had ordered Hodne to pay 10,000 kroner in fines plus 5.000 kroner in legal costs. In the appeal court the fine was reduced by 3,000 kroner, and Hodne has to pay court costs.

– It is in any case the right choice, said Hodnes to news agency NTB, She notes that the amount she was originally ordered to pay, was brought down by the High Court.

Denies guilt

The appeals court justifies the reduction of the fine because new evidence was submitted that shows “the aggrieved sought salon to see how the defendant would react,” according to the verdict.

The district court, acknowledged Hodne as not guilty when she met in the Court of Appeal.

According to the verdict Hodne has explained that she sees the hijab as a garment symbolizing a dangerous political ideology, Mohammedanism, and that wearing the hijab is not rooted in that part of the Qur’an that deal with “gudetro” but rather its politically entrenched.

– My view is that Mohammedanism is dangerous for mankind in the world, and I stand behind my beleif that the hijab is the same as an IS flag, elaborated Hodne.

Personal struggle

Hodne says she has not yet decided whether she will appeal the case further.
When asked if she will continue to deny people in hijab’s access to the hairdresser’s, Hodne responded “no comment.”

The hairdresser’s lawyer, Linda Ellefsen Eide, asked the Court of Appeal that Hodne be acquitted.

– If the court is in doubt Hodne has rejected Bayan because she believed that the hijab was a political garment or a religious garment she will be acquitted.

In October it was announced that Gulating Court of Appeal agreed to listen the barber’s appeal.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today