Merkel: – We must take our destiny into our own hands

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Merkel: –Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands

There may be difficult times ahead where old alliances can not be taken for granted, says Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel.


The statements falls after a two-day meeting in the G7. The meeting was marked by conflicts between US President Donald John Trump and the other Western allies.

– The time when we could fully trust others is to some extent over. That is what I’ve experienced in recent days, Merkel says in a speech at an event in Munich on Sunday.

Destiny into their own hands

Although Germany and Europe are striving to maintain good relations with the United States and the United Kingdom, the situation has changed with Donald Trump in the presidency and the British on the way out of the EU. Among other things, it did not go unnoticed that Trump did not mention Article five, which states that an attack on one ally should be considered an attack on all, in his speech at the NATO summit earlier this week.

– For that reason, I can only say: We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands, stresses Merkel.

The French connection

– This can of course only be done amicably with the US and Britain. But we have to fight our own fight for the future, as Europeans, our fate, says Merkel, who also states she will cultivate friendship with France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron in the time to come.

The leaders of the G7 countries managed to make joint statements on trade, but when it came to measures against human induced climate change, the United States did not agree with the other six nations.

– It is extremely problematic, not to say very unsatisfactory, says the German Prime Minister after the meeting Saturday.

Trump positive on Twitter

Trump, who returned home to the US on Saturday, had a somewhat more positive analysis on Twitter Sunday.

– Just got back from Europe. Trip a big success for America. Hard work, but great results, tweets the President.


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