Mice infestation skyrocketing in Eastern Norway

mouseMouse Photo: Terje Bendiksby / SCANPIX

During the summer, the mice population in Eastern Norway has been increasing considerably, according to a researcher at NIBIO, who now advices people to take care of their cabins and houses.

“Yes, it has built up considerably over the summer. At Finnskogen, where I do research, there are now a lot of mice”, says researcher Jørund Rolstad at NIBIO to forskning.no.

“It is probably in central Eastern Norway that the mice can be found in most numbers”, he says.

According to Rolstad, it is especially climbing mice and forest mice that have become abundant during the year. Both of these species thrive in houses and cottages.

“If there is a lot of snow in the winter under which the mouse can hide, then we may get even more mice next year”, he warns of the potential problem.

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