Microparty wants to change the Norwegian economy after the Islamic model

Ihab TimrazIhab Timraz. Photo: bistandsaktuelt.no / Ken Opprann

The newly established Rettferdighetspartiet (Justice Party) wants to drop today’s economic model, with interest and credit, and use an economic model derived from Islam.


The party is just starting up, and has a hundred hundred clicks on Facebook, and no more than six or seven people actively engaged. The goal is to get 5,000 signatures, and be able to join elections, wrote Vårt Land newspaper.

‘The community, and politicians, have failed to protect the man in the street. We want to create awareness. We want to challenge those who are in power,’ said one of the founders, Ihab Timraz, BI Adviser, a Muslim Researcher at the Strategic Institute.

According to the party manifesto, Rettferdighetspartiet will ‘change the economic model in Norway from a model based on credit (interest-based), to a sustainable economic model based on real value creation and risk sharing.’

They will also add up to a 2.5% tax on wealth, the same rate as the Muslim welfare tax, ‘zakat’.

‘Yes, this is the Islamic tax model’, confirmed Timraz, but claims that it is not a Muslim party.

‘They seem to have a desire to introduce Islamic finance in Norway. But I generally interpret it as a moderate type of Muslim-democratic ideology, comparable to, for example, the Christian Democratic ideology,’ said Islam scholar, Olav Elgvin at Fafo and the Institute for Comparative Politics.


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  1. Ismat Abdelwahab | 25. November 2017 at 10:05 |

    This is a ruse to for starting an Islamic Jihadist party. It is only a cover so that Norwegians would not be intimidated and say it is an Islamic party. By claiming to be propagate a better financial future the founders will at the end create an Islamic dictatorship. That is their way of doing politics. So, I warn Norwegians to be aware of such nefarious elements. They are wolves in sheep’s clothes.

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