Microsoft cuts 27 menu languages ​​in their Outlook app

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Urdu and Nynorsk will disappear as menu language in the Outlook app for Iphone users. Fakhra Salimi at the Mira Center believes it will hit minority women.

By the end of June, the language offering in Outlook will be significantly reduced, Klassekampen writes.

Not only small languages ​​like Nynorsk and Icelandic will disappear, but also Urdu and Telugu. Microsoft in the United States is justifying the changes saying that the Outlook app will be better adapted to other apps in the Office 365 family, such as Teams and Skype.

Fakhra Salimi, who heads the Mira Center (resource center for women with minority backgrounds) believes the changes will particularly affect a vulnerable group in Norway – immigrants who do not speak either Bokmål or English well.

“Legally, Microsoft certainly has the right to do what they do, but it’s up to the authorities to make sure these industries are regulated so that the technology we have become so dependent on is available to everyone,” she says.

Microsoft spokesperson in Norway, Tone Kjensmo, emphasises to the Klassekampen that the changes only apply to those using the iOS version of Outlook.

– There will be fewer display language options that explain all the buttons, menus, and controls in the Outlook app, but users can still read and write emails in Nynorsk, Urdu, and all other languages ​​supported by the iOS platform, » writes Kjensmo.

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