Microsoft tipped Kripos of sexually abusive images

NCIS Kripos leaked murdersKripos (NCIS) . Photo:

A 62-year-old who is convicted for uploading two sexually abusive images after Microsoft warned Kripos (National Crime Investigation Services) about what he was doing on his internet account.

According to VG news, Microsoft uses security systems that automatically detect the uploading of sexually abusive images.

The company has developed a software called PhotoDNA, which detects and stops the spreading of child sex abuse images.

When the 62-year-old uploaded these images on his Google Drive Cloud account, Microsoft noticed it and notified Kripos.

Just six months later a search was conducted at the man’s residence and found a CD containing 50 sexual abuse images of children. The man is now sentenced to a probational prison sentence by the district court in Western Norway.

– This shows that the internet is not a place where one is unseen and can commit crimes against children and that international law enforcement cooperation means that Norwegians must be held accountable for crimes committed in other countries.

Good local investigation of what initially “took place on the Internet” will constantly lead to judgement in Norway, said Police Superintendent Bjorn-Erik Ludvigsen in Kripos.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today