Midwives sound the alarm on maternity care

Midwives shouts warn about maternity carePregnant woman is in a sofa in the living room and looking at ultrasound images of the fetus..Photo: Robert Schlesinger / NTB scanpix

Half of all midwives have considered quitting their jobs because of poor staffing and heavy workloads.
This is revealed in a survey  conducted by the Midwives Association  among its 900 members, according to NRK.
– In several places the birth rates have gone up without a corresponding increase in staff. We are seriously concerned about increased workloads and inadequate staffing, director of Midwives Association, Kristin Holanger, says.
In survey, 94 percent said  they  sometimes have other patients while being responsible for active mothers, which means they fail to meet the quality requirements of maternity care.
58 percent said they sometimes, often or very often fail to have adequate surveillance of  the mother in childbirth. 40 percent say they are unable to monitor the child adequately.
Ministry of Health says they will follow up the matter in dialogue with the hospitals.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today