Mildest pollen season in 25 years in southern Norway

PollenPollen.Photo: Pixabay

The pollen season in southern Norway is the mildest since 1994, according to the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF).

– “Last year was a very hot season, when that happens you can see that the following season will be a little milder. The trees need a little rest year,” says communications and marketing manager Hogne Skogesal in NAAF to NRK.

It is especially less of birch pollen.

If the trend that has been seen so far this year continues, this year’s pollen season will be the mildest since 1994, according to Skogstad.

In the north, too, it may be milder than last year.

– “Farther north in the country, it seems that the shrubs and pollen production is at a more normal level, but here a cool and humid weather type has so far held back the spread,” says pollen scientist Hallvard Ramfjord.

About one million Norwegians have a pollen allergy.

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