Million fund will get us to eat more fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables, delivery of food to storesFruit and vegetables.Photo.

Gartnerhallen, Bama and Norway Group has created Grofondet with 100 million NOK.

The aim is to partly contribute to the green shift by increasing consumption of Norwegian fruit and vegetables.

The fund was established in 2015, and soon it will be possible to apply for funding, highlights Gartnerhallen in a statement.

– The Fund’s purpose is to contribute to the green shift and improve health by increasing both value creation and consumption of Norwegian fruit, berries, vegetables and potatoes by 2030, it says.

This fund will provide project financing of 10 million NOK per year, for example, restructuring, and the arrangement should last at least 10 years.

More information about the Fund will be presented at Gartner Congress in November, according to Gartnerhallen.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today