Millions paid out in compensation after NATO exercise

TRONDHEIM.Trident Juncture 2018.Photo : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The Armed Forces have so far paid out NOK 13 million in damages after the Trident Juncture exercise last year. New demands remain after the NATO exercise.

Most compensation claims apply to damage to farmland and roads, reported Nationen newspaper. In addition, more than 100 complaints have been received regarding pollution from the exercise last autumn.

‘’We have completed 283 cases for disbursement and paid out NOK 13.2 million’’ said the head of the environmental office, Marianne Bø of the Armed Forces, who leads the compensation work.

A total of 853 cases have been received and 46 complaints, but the compensation phone is still open. Basically, the Norwegian Armed Forces take 25% of the bill for the damage, while the home country of the forces that have caused the damage pay 75%.

Leader, Erling Aas-Eng of Hedmark Bondelag suffered damage to the ground after visits from foreign soldiers. He said the Armed Forces were quickly in place.

‘’I find that they are looking to get the damage fixed quickly. I think they have handled this very professionally’’ he said.

‘’Because the snow came late we got many cases out of the way before Christmas’’ said environmental officer Bø. She said the
compensation work had gone faster than expected, but apologised to farmers who have not been given inspection as fast as they wanted.

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