Minister of Finance got new bathroom in leased cabin

Siv Jensen, Share Tax exemptions G20 Summit tour of eastern Norway Budget bankrupt Labour cabinMinster of Finance for the Progressive Party (FRP), Siv Jensen. Photo: Progress Party

Minister of Finance got a new bathroom in her rented cabin

The cabin that Siv Jensen (Frp) leases from tobacco billionaire Johan H. Andresen, that she says is renovated by herself, is also refurbished by Andresen, according to DN.


The cabin was connected to the communal sewage system, and pipes were added. Plumbing for a washing machine, sink, toilet and shower cubicle was added. In addition, a fireplace was bought, the chimney was upgraded and a basic kitchen installed, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

This came at a cost of NOK 100,000, The wife of the owner, Kristin Andresen, tells the newspaper.

Own pocket

Earlier, the Minister of Finance has told the pink newspaper Kapital that she has refurbished the cabin out of her own pocket.

– The landlord is responsible for the building. I do not have the prerequisites to know how much the landlord has spent on upgrading. The question of the rent I have responded to many times before. It is a landlord who set the price and it was up to me to accept it, Siv Jensen writes in an email to the newspaper.

The Minister of Finance pays NOK 40,000 a year for renting Andersen’s cabin, which is located on Grimsøya just outside Sandvika in Bærum. The rental agreement is valid for 10 years.

Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen (Progress Party), has previously admitted that she may end up in a conflict of interests as a result of the cabin agreement with tobacco billionaire Johan H. Andresen. Andresen is the head of the Council on Ethics, which is subject to Norges Bank and the Ministry of Finance, who advises on investments in the so-called oil fund. It was Jensen who appointed Andresen as the leader in 2014.


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