Minister Høie: Those protected against corona can leave entry quarantine if they test negative after three days

Bent HøiePhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

The Norwegian government will allow protected persons and children under the age of 12 to leave the entry quarantine if they test negative after three days.

“The entry quarantine is an important measure to prevent imported infection. There is still a risk that the protected people will become infected and spread the infection further, but the risk is far less than for the unprotected. We, therefore, believe it is justifiable to shorten the quarantine period for this group,” Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie (H) said on Friday.

The quarantine rules are changed so that protected persons, as well as children under the age of 12, can leave the entry quarantine after a negative test that can be taken three days after arrival.

The FHI’s recommendation

According to the National Institute of Public Health (FHI), children spread less infection than adults, and children under the age of 12 are assumed to have a 50% lower risk of being infected than adults.

“Based on this, the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the FHI believe that the same entry quarantine rules that we now introduce for the protected should also apply to children under 12 years of age. The government supports that,” Høie said.

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1 Comment on "Minister Høie: Those protected against corona can leave entry quarantine if they test negative after three days"

  1. Berry Spruijt | 6. June 2021 at 12:33 | Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    It is good to see that Norway is slowly easing the restrictions for travellers.
    Still we have a few questions. May be you can help us out.

    We are both (married couple) Dutch sailors sailing to Norway almost every year for twenty years now.
    We have both been vaccinated with the Pfizer/Bion-Tech vaccin. We have official printed documentation of the Dutch Ministery of Health of these vaccinations (two injections each of us).
    The situation in the Netherlands is rapidly improving as more than 10 million people have been vaccinated (more than 50 %) and the number of infections is far lower than 150 per 100.000 and still declining.

    This year we are longing to sail to Norway again, the trip across the North sea requires a good preparation and physical health which we have and it lasts between 2 and 3 days.
    It is important to emphasize that traveling over sea is completely different from traveling by plane or car as you are always on your own. Once in Norway we sail around, thus always with a safe distance to others.

    We are are prepared to contact local authorities upon arrival in for instance Egersund or Farsund, our usual port of call, first destination.
    It can be any other harbour if required (Tananger, Stavanger). Whom do we have to contact? The local police? Coast guard?

    We are also willing to stay aboard for the required number of days as a kind of quarantaine.
    In fact the seatrip to Norway has already been a kind of quarantaine. A sailing vessel is the safest quarantaine place possible as nobody else will be there and has been there. It is safer than any quarantaine hotel with personel and people coming and going.

    Anyhow to mitigate any doubts we are also willing to be tested with a PCR test upon arrival.

    However, as it seems now – correct me when I am wrong – vaccinations being given outside Norway are not recognized by the Norwegian health authorities strangely enough.
    The question is: do we have to contact authorities before we set sail and announce our expected arrival and ask permission?

    Where do we apply for permission ? Local authorities at our destination or a national Ministry?
    What is the appropriate address (e-mail)?
    What happens anyhow when we enter a Norwegian harbour? Will the coast guard approach us or the local police?

    We would appreciate any advice and help to allow us to visit Norway again,

    Thanking you in advance and yours sincerely,

    Prof. Berry Spruijt
    Prof. Melly Oitzl

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