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Wants progress in security measures against terrorism

Minister of Justice, Per-Willy AmundsenMinister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The Minister of Justice wants progress in security measures against terrorism

Minister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen (Frp), believes that the Barcelona terrorism and similar events have highlighted the need for securiing against terrorist attacks involving the use of vehicles.


– I am concerned that the municipalities and the police are in dialogue to map which streets it is natural to secure and how they should be secured, Amundsen tells NRK.

Amundsen says the process of implementing various safeguards to prevent terrorist attacks against major public gatherings involving vehicles should be launched quickly.

– I perceive that it is a little too much “passing of the the black jack” meaning that people not take the initiative themselves. Therefore, I ask the police directorate to instruct police forces to initiate a dialogue with the municipalities, says Amundsen.

In a letter to the director of the police, Amundsen writes that Barcelona terrorism and other similar early events have highlighted the need to act quickly. Additionally, PST in its last threat assessment states that it is likely that there will be a terrorist attack on Norwegian soil.

Amundsen tells NRK that he has a clear order for the Police Directorate, and it is now important that the parties together determine which streets are to be secured and how to do it in the best possible way.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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