Minister Wara: ‘Oslo will be Europe’s Best’

Tor Mikkel WaraJustice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara is visiting Oslo Police: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Monday, April 9th, Norway’s new Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara (Frp) held his first official meeting with Oslo police to discuss the future of Oslo’s battle with juvenile crime.


Oslo Police Chief Hans Sjøvold gave high marks after Monday’s pow-wow with Justice Minister Wara, saying he’s pleased that the new Minister has set a strong, workable agenda that addresses Oslo’s juvenile crime problem.
Justice Minister Wara gave statement to Norwegian News Agency after Monday’s meeting, saying “What we see affecting juvenile crime rates within Oslo is mobility. Today’s crime isn’t limited to small, single districts anymore. The young have the ability to travel and our tactics must adapt.’

‘We’re also seeing that, of those juveniles participating in criminal activity, they’re getting younger and into more serious crimes. We must take great care and do something.’ – proclaimed Wara.

Minister Wara also states that he’s concerned over indicators reflecting a recent increase within Oslo’s juvenile crime rate, especially districts east of Oslo, saying; ‘All major cities within Europe are facing the same juvenile crime challenges.Those cities haven’t been able to manage or solve their trouble. Norway must do better.Oslo must become the largest city in Europe to successfully manage juvenile crime.’

Except for the latest uptick in the crime rate, Norway has seen a significant decline in juvenile crime over the last decade. After population growth adjustments, 2014 saw the lowest reported criminal activity in over a quarter-century.

Crime statistics provided by Norwegian Kripos and Swedish BRÅ (sponsored by
Aftenposten) indicate that, since 2002, Norway’s murder rate has been only half that of neighboring Sweden.

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  1. Pedro J. Alfonso | 10. April 2018 at 14:26 |

    Drugs, excessive drinking of minors, and violent propaganda in TV and movies is the main culprit for youth crime!
    Invest for activities for clean fun for Youngsters, and use same clean propaganda to guide them with TV and movies. Revert the criminal and violent trend with good “propaganda”!

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