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Ministry of Health states that virginity checks are against the law

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The Ministry of Health concludes that medical examinations to find out whether underage girls have had sex, are contrary to Norwegian law.

The Ministry now wants to meet with the Association of General Practitioners and the national group for public health nurses, which both have members who are in close contact with girls who are subjected to such inspections, the newspaper Aftenposten writes.

Health Minister Bent Høie say doctors who give the impression that the medical examinations may reveal whether a woman has had sex or not, violates the law’s requirement that health professionals should act responsibly.

– To issue a certificate or testimonial about this would also be contrary to the statutory requirement that certificates have got to be professionally correct,  Høie says. Health personnel who violate the law, will have to deal with the Board of Health.

The debate began with a post from columnist Isra Zariat in  NRK news Opininion nearly three weeks ago


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today